Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Senior Dog Haven & Hospice, Inc. It is a wonderful place to give your time and is very rewarding to directly help the animals.


  1. Submit a completed volunteer application.
  2. Speak with a Board member or other SDHH volunteer.
  3. If accepted, work with one of our trained volunteers until comfortable with the rescue & positions.

We look forward to having you help us make the world a more compassionate place for senior dogs.

Volunteer Application Form
Are you over 18?
(Please be aware that we only accept volunteers 18 and over)

Medical Release

In case of emergency, I authorize Senior Dog Haven & Hospice, Inc. to arrange for emergency medical treatment (911) after attempting to notify the contacts listed below. List 2 personal or professional contacts below.
List 2 emergency contacts below.
You are strongly urged to have a current tetanus vaccination to protect yourself in case you are cut, scratched or otherwise injured in such a way that a tetanus infection could harm your health.
Are you involved in any other animal welfare organization?
Please list two (2) personal or professional references not directly related to you.
How do you know this person? (co-worker, friend, neighbor, etc.)
How do you know this person? (co-worker, friend, neighbor, etc.)
Volunteer Interests
In which two areas are you most interested in volunteering (Please number in order of preference, with #1 being the most preferred):
Select the days/times you are available to volunteer with SDHH, Inc.
Volunteer Agreement and Release
I am requesting a volunteer position within Senior Dog Haven & Hospice, Inc. I agree to read and follow the rules and guidelines of the organization. I agree to not hold any director, employee, board member, or any individual personally or otherwise responsible in the event that I sustain personal, financial, emotional, or property loss/damage while serving the organization. I agree to follow the supervision of all persons involved in volunteer management. I understand that as a volunteer I am an important representative of Senior Dog Haven & Hospice, Inc. and must do my best to represent SDHH in a manner that is consistent with its articles, by-laws, guidelines, and philosophies. I have read and understand the volunteer release and agree to adhere to its entirety.