Adoption Process

Our goal is to place senior dogs into the best possible forever home for the dog and their human. To do that, we have an extensive screening process. The first step is to complete our Adoption Application.

Once we receive your application, we will process it, which includes contacting your references, including your veterinarian. Following that, we will conduct a home visit. This is to ensure that your home is suitable for the particular needs of our dogs.

Once everything is approved by our Intake Committee, we will bring the dog to your home. We recommend a one-week trial visit during which time you and the dog can get to know one another to ensure that this is a good fit. We request a check for $125 at that time and a signed Adoption Contract. After the one-week trial visit, we’ll check in and see if you’re ready to finalize the adoption. If so, we will countersign the Adoption Contract and return a copy to you.