Foster Manual

Thank you for agreeing to foster a dog for Senior Dog Haven & Hospice. Foster homes like yours allow us to rescue more dogs, and we appreciate your generosity in opening your home to a rescued senior dog.

By providing a foster home, you’re providing a stable, loving environment for a dog that has been neglected or abandoned. You’re also providing much-needed socialization, and basic training, that will make our dogs more appealing for adoption and better members of their adoptive families.

Our Intake Committee makes the ultimate determination on which dogs our organization will take in. The dogs we rescue from shelters are generally those that are in their last hours at the shelter and are at great risk of being euthanized. We also accept owner relinquished dogs.

Once you have read this manual and agree to the contents, you are able to submit the foster contract that acknowledges your understanding and agreement to abide by the policies and guidelines provided here.

Thank you!