Fostering and Volunteering

Foster Homes

Foster homes provide second chances to homeless dogs.  Fostering means welcoming a senior dog into your home for an indeterminate period of time.  They will be a loved and cared-for member of your family until a carefully-screened permanent home is found.

There is no conceivable way that shelters can take in and care for the number of stray and owner-surrendered animals that come through their doors. There is simply not enough space. By fostering, you save two lives – the dog you foster and the dog who now has an available kennel at the shelter.

Put simply – fostering saves lives.

If you would like to foster one of our wonderful dogs, please complete the Foster Application. You should also review the Foster Manual and Foster Contract.


Sometimes people think that the only way to really help a rescue is by fostering.  Although fosters are an integral part of any rescue organization, there are so many others ways you can help. We need volunteers with a variety of skills to help with fundraising; at adoption events; to write press releases and grants; to transport animals; to work with the media; to do home visits for potential adopters; to call references; and in many other areas. If you would like to help in our efforts to give senior dogs a second chance, download the Volunteer Application Form.

Thank you for your support.